Ranked No-1 in Rajasthan and 24th in India in Boys Day School Category-2017
     •  School timings w.e.f 02 July 2018 will be 07:40 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. for Primary (I to V) and 07:40 a.m. to 02:10 p.m. for Secondary (VI to XII)      •  Divyansh Singh Panwar wins a Gold Medal for INDIA in 10 m Air Rifle Mixed Doubles Junior in ISSF Junior World Cup RIFLE 2018 Suhl, Germany     •  Foundation Day Celebration 25 July 2018     •  MPS Razzle Dazzle Cultural Fiesta July 27th - 28th 2018
  • Priyanshu Jhajhria (2-A-4)
  • Trilok Khandelwal (2-A-4)
  • Tejas Uppal (2-A-6)
  • Vansh Gupta (3-A-4)
  • Lakshya Agiwal (5-A-1)
  • Shejpreet Singh (5-A-1)
  • Ishaan Khandelwal (6-A-6)
  • Bhudev Roliwal (6-A-7)
  • Utkarsh Gupta (6-A-7)
  • Shaurya Fauzdar (7-A-6)
  • Divyadeep Singh (8-A-3)
  • Abhinav Pareek (10-A-5)
  • Naitik Agarwal (10-A-5)
  • Aishwary Sharma (11-A-5)
  • Siddharth  Akar (12-A-3)
  • Madhav Samariya (12-A-4)

School Hours

The school timings for students during the session are as follows:

a) Classes I to V: 8.10 a.m to 1:40 p.m.
b) Classes VI to XII : 8.10 am to 2.20 p.m

a) Classes I to V: 7.40a.m to 1:40 p.m.
b) Classes VI to XII : 7.40 am to 2.20 p.m


The School remains closed on second saturday of every month.

On the last working day of every month, the school gets over after the fourth period for the students.