Ranked No-1 in Rajasthan and 15th in India in Boys Day School Category-2017
     •  School timings w.e.f 02 July 2018 will be 07:40 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. for Primary (I to V) and 07:40 a.m. to 02:10 p.m. for Secondary (VI to XII)      •  Divyansh Singh Panwar wins a Gold Medal for INDIA in 10 m Air Rifle Mixed Doubles Junior in ISSF Junior World Cup RIFLE 2018 Suhl, Germany     •  Foundation Day Celebration 25 July 2018     •  MPS Razzle Dazzle Cultural Fiesta July 27th - 28th 2018
  • Aryan Agarwal (2-A-2)
  • Parth JAIN (2-A-5)
  • Abhinav Kumawat (3-A-1)
  • Daksh Natani (3-A-1)
  • Lakshya Gupta (3-A-1)
  • Samyak Jain (4-A-3)
  • Anmol Agarwal (4-A-6)
  • Dhruv Agiwal (5-A-3)
  • Rohan Bajaj (7-A-1)
  • Kush Verma (8-A-4)
  • Ikshit Agrawal (8-A-5)
  • Shivansh (8-A-7)
  • Ankit Agarwal (9-A-1)
  • Ankush Gupta (10-A-4)
  • Aryan Sukhija (10-A-5)
  • Gourav Katyal (10-A-5)
  • Ayush Khandelwal (10-A-6)
  • Sarthak Agarwal (10-A-6)
  • Kartik Sharma (10-A-7)
  • Pranay Gupta (11-A-6)
  • Dhurv  Laddha (12-A-2)
  • Utkars KHANDELWAL (12-A-3)

School Uniform

School Uniform

  • All the students should come to school in proper school uniform. 
  • The parents are advised to manage the following uniform material for their wards in time. 
  • No excuse whatsoever will be accepted. 
  • The stitching of the uniform must be as per the pattern given below (also displayed at school reception)

Note: Wearing of casuals (civil dress)on Birthday is prohibited Summer Uniform

Class I to V

Lemon Shirt (half sleeves) with school logo on the shirt pocket, blue check shorts, blue socks,black leather derby shoes (with laces), necktie, handkerchief and school belt.

Class VI to XII
Lemon shirt (half sleeves) with school logo on the shirt pocket, Bule trousers, blue socks, black leather derby shoes (with laces),necktie, handkerchief and school belt.

Lemon shirt (half sleeves),one flapless pocket on left side top, no flaps on the shoulders.

During monsoon white canvas shoes are allowed.

Winter Uniform

Class I to V
White shirt (full sleeves), grey worsted trousers, grey scoks, black leather derby shoes(with laces),necktie, handkerchief and school belt, maroon pullover with school logo.

Class VI to XII

Lemon shirt (full sleeves), Blue trousers, Blue socks, black leather derby shoes (with laces), necktie, and handkerchief school belt, pullover wuth school logo..

Lemon shirt (full sleeves), blue trousers, (as per specimen available from the office) same design as that of summer trousers, maroon sweater sleeveless with V neck and plain design. Maroon blazer (colour as per specimen available from the office) one pocket on the left front of the coat, 2 bottom pockets, 2 brass buttons in front and two on each sleeve, one slit at the back. It should be single breasted.

Sikh Boys Uniform
Maroon turban or patka in addition to the above (compulsory for all the Sikh students of classes I to XII) 

Sports Uniform

I to VIII: White canvas shoes, white shorts, white socks with House stripes, House T-shirt, vest.

IX to XII: White canvas shoes, white trousers, white socks, vest, House Tshirt.


  • The T-shirt must be tucked in the trousers/shorts.
  • Sports uniform is to be worn on Wednesday and Saturday during summers only.